Down Dog Has The Answers

They say your yoga mat and practice is a reflection of your life. Today during my yoga class I found myself getting angry and annoyed at my inflexibility. As my yoga teacher assisted and guided me trying to help me to release “She commented this hip just doesn’t want to surrender”. Throughout my class I felt myself frustrated. Frustrated that I felt my body was failing me, my hamstrings are like bloody metal rods there so tight, my back is regularly seizing and going out of alignment then it clicked. Not my back, but the realisation that my body is not failing me I am failing my body. The reflection of my own life on my yoga mat is not lost on me. As a seeker of answers, a meditation and min

How to Have The Best First Day Back At School!

Top tips for a stress free first day back to school Back to school can provoke so many feelings, excitement, fear, dread, tiredness and can be a worrying time for parent and child alike. I've created this 2 day back to school plan to get you heading towarsd that first day and beyond with a smile on your face and love in your heart. Let me know how it goes! 2 Days to Go! -Lay out clothes ensure you’ve e got school bags packed, gym kit, pencil case, tote bags indoor shoes -get up closer to school wake up time -have a chat during the day to ask how they are feeling so you can alleviate any fears or worries before the day. -bedtime at school bedtime, use your diffuser and diffuse lavender oil in


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