I'm Only Human

I’ve always approached being ill with such conflict, frustration, sometimes anger but mostly emotion. As I teach classes this week on using meditation to support reduction in pain and anxiety I get hit with a tummy bug. Throughout this weeks class teachings we bring awareness and focus to the issue. We accept where we are currently at, we acknowledge and respect the associated pain and emotions. We certainly do not get really pissed at ourselves beat ourselves up for letting others down and then delve into a deep feeling of annoyance. Blaming ourselves for the condition. Hmmm you can guess where I was at. As a coach in both health and overcoming anxiety I still struggle myself with somehow f

Coconut Oil Pulling 101

My best friend introduced me to this many years ago. As a coconut oil lover and being game to try anything that could improve my health I gave it a ago. Oil pulling is a traditional Ayurvedic technique used for detoxing in your mouth. It has been used for centuries as a traditional Indian remedy for numerous conditions including: tooth decay, bad breath, whitening teeth, immune system boosting, strengthening the jaw and teeth and the biggy for me, reduces inflammation and toxins throughout the body. How does it work? As we sleep bacteria and toxins build within the mouth. Oil pulling is done first thing in the morning prior to eating, drinking or brushing. The oil pulling works by cleansing

Expect Miracles

Oh the conflict of the human nature to expect miracles yet to have expectations often leads to disappointment. During my periods of severe anxiety and almost OCD behaviour, I would have to control everything. I could not cope if a plan changed or if someone did not behave the way I would have expected someone to behave. It took me a long time to realise that it was my expectations that usually lead to disappointment. Not communicating my needs and desires effectively. You see, I think, we often believe others should know what we're thinking. This is especially true in relationships. We get upset by our partners behaviour or lack of understanding. But have we really explained what we need?


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