Children can go on a different adventure each week from pirates to outer space to wizards. Our classes are fun, lively, creative and most importantly - relaxing!

A Relax Kids class includes warm up and movement, fun drama-based games, relaxing mindfulness games, stretching and breathing exercises, massage, affirmations and visualisations. We take children from a high energy to a low energy and encourage them to relax while developing their creativity and imagination. Sessions support children’s mental and emotional well-being and give them tools manage stress and be more resilient, calm and confident. 

Relax Kids helps children:

Learn valuable mindfulness and relaxation tools

Develop good mental health

Build self confidence and self-esteem

Build emotional resilience


Develop focus and concentration

Become more imaginative and creative

Manage anger, anxiety and stress

Increase brain-power 

Feel happier!

I work with children from age 3-adult, in schools, charity work, private classes and also one on one

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