Our Spirit and Soul Exclusive!!!!!
Our Beautiful New Baby on the block. The exclusive Spirit and Soul, Lotus Diffuser Bracelet!
This bracelet has been specifically designed and handcrafted to channel the healing powers of the crystals, alongside the therapeutic properties of essential oils and the symbolism of the lotus flower. With or without oils it’s just stunning. This handcrafted piece has been produced using beautiful Amazonite Crystals and Lava Beads (suitable for adding essential oils).
Amazonite is a source of confidence, communication, creativity and peace. This crystal promotes positive self-love, inspires us to live honestly with integrity, increases intuition and follow our truth. It is sometimes called the lucky hope stone. It helps us towards our hopes and dreams.
The Lotus flower is a symbol that is close to my heart and is relevant to so many others. The lotus flower grows through mud and dirt yet creates this stunning, natural beauty. It symbolises overcoming lifes obstacles, in order to grow and gain wisdom. It represents beauty, rebirth, spiritual awakening and good luck. Priced at £19.95 contact me to purchase. Love, Light and Joy, Susi X

Lotus Diffuser Bracelet



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