Necklace for pain relief, balance and relaxation


1. Boosts general health

The use of Phiten products like necklaces provides the body titanium, which is capable of facilitating proper conduction of all electrical currents running through the body. These bioelectrical currents are necessary to maintain proper body functioning and they also assist in keeping the body healthy and strong. When bioelectrical currents are not running correctly, you might experience poor circulation, stress, slow healing, fatigue and pain since the body is not functioning properly.

2. Enhances performance

Some athletes chose to  wear Phiten accessories so that they can enhance their performance. Aside from alleviating pain on the shoulders and neck through wearing Phiten necklaces, you can also wear Phiten strands around your ankle and waist to improve athletic prowess and also reduce fatigue.

Phiten Titanium Tornado Necklace



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