Stress, Overwhelm, Anxiety and Low Mood getting you down? Have you endured enough pain?


Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Do you feel your permanently hustling, running from one thing to the next and never feeling like you do enough or can be enough? You maybe don’t even know what brings you joy anymore?



...and it's TIME to take control of life!


No more sticking plaster solutions. Are you ready to make the changes necessary to live a truly vibrant and healthy life? This is not a fad, this is a lifestyle of lasting solutions that will change your life. 

I have spent the last 25 years studying and researching how to find peace and a life free from anxiety, panic attacks, stress and overwhelm. I have been there, felt the pain, felt my confidence disappear, felt guilt, frustration, anger and sadness. I have experienced chronic illness both mental and physical. Found myself in the dark hole of depression feeling that there was no way out. A life where joy disappeared and I had completely lost interest. I have now overcome all of this and am here to support and help you do the same. To find a life filled with joy, happiness and calm.

It is all possible and I have discovered the keys to lasting freedom from Anxiety, Stress, and Low Mood and have created some amazing tools to support you in this too. 

Read more on my approach to Coaching and my Be Free Coaching Programme options below.


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BE FREE Coaching Programme

My BE FREE Coaching package is created to support and super charge your mind, body and soul

Understand Your Values

Energy Healing

Shift Mindset Blocks

Balance Emotions

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Accountability & Motivation


My coaching programmes comprise mindset, lifestyle and energy work in a structured format with complete accountability, allowing you to not only see the benefits in your life but feel them.


Would you like accountability to reach your goals, whatever those goals are to you? Then, let's chat! I've got you.

Let's Chat!

My Approach


My coaching offers you support, guidance and accountability when times feel tough, unclear and overwhelming. As an Anxiety Expert and Transformational Coach I am here to help you reach where you want to be, help you find the path and solutions that fit your goals and desired outcomes. My coaching approach offers a holistic view taking into account all aspects of your life and I apply energy work throughout where possible.


I do this because this is where you will see lifelong lasting changes. You will then be creating the life you desire not just an improvement in one area of your life.

What's Included?


In today's modern and chaotic world we are all exposed to many stress's, worries and fears.

Always trying to be the best we can, often draining us, and leaving us feeling we can never do or be enough.

Having suffered from anxiety, low mood, panic attacks, adrenal fatigue and complete burnout I know how you feel. I have created this package to introduce you to the tools I used to support myself. You will be fully supported throughout.


  • 1 1/2 hour Initial Consultation to ensure we can personalise your plan/programme to suit
  • 6 x 1 hour Private Coaching Session
  • 6 x Vibrational Reiki Healing Session
  • 1 Signed Copy of my Best Selling, Award Winning Anxiety Busting Book “Be Free: A Holistic Guide to Freedom from Anxiety, Stress and Low Mood for Life”
  • 1 x Be Free High Vibe Rollerball Essential Oil Blend
  • Weekly Accountability Emails and Support Check In’s. Including additional support exercises, tools and techniques to create lasting impact.
  • Email Support Throughout. Contact anytime to discuss progress and gain support. 
  • This package also allows individuals access to 10% off any additional services including Reiki, Meditation Private sessions or group blocks, Aroma Touch and Aroma Reiki Sessions. (This is valid during the period of your coaching and up to 2 months after your final session).

Are you ready to take your life back? 

Book a suitable date for your initial consultation and we can schedule dates to suit for your other appointments from there.

Be Free 6 Month Coaching Package - £1111


Also, available in 3 or 2 month options

Choose one of these Coaching Options below

3 Month Coaching Subscription



2 Month Coaching Subscription



Susi on Stage

“ A good story needs only a good story teller” ~ Richard Bausch

When you have a message to convey , the power lives in the story. As an author, speaker, blogger, teacher and coach, I get how important it is to deliver the message in an inspirational and unforgettable way. Engaging with your audience is key, leaving them with a memorable and valuable experience. 


Looking for a speaker for your next event or company training?

I have spoken to a range of people from the general public, charity and non profits, and also within both the private and public sectors. I have delivered on a wide range of topics including:

  • Coping with Adversity

  • Identification of Stress and Anxiety and Appropriate Support Tools to Reduce workplace stress

  • Creating the Life of Your Dreams

  • Introduction to Mindfulness

  • Rituals and Routines to Create Success

  • Why Meditation is the Key to Productivity and Clarity

  • Gratitude and Mindset

  • Juggling Life as a Mumprenuer

  • Leading a Holistic Life

  • My Anxiety Story: Why our past does not define our future

If you have a message to convey or are looking for someone to inspire and ignite your audience contact me. We can create a speech that is as bespoke and individual as your audience.