Feeling overwhelmed? Stressed out? Tired all the time?

You’re not alone. A lot of people can feel this way and they don’t know how to fix it. In 5 Weeks to Calm you will learn meditation and how to use it to overcome anxiety, stress, and overwhelm.

The best part is that when you join our community, you’ll be supported by others who are on the same journey as you. This makes the process easier and more fun. You won’t be alone in your journey to becoming calm and centered. 

Join this 5 week online experience to transform you from overwhelm to calm!

Learn tools and techniques to support you in creating a life that builds self love, confidence and connection.  


In 5 Weeks to Calm you will learn:

  • Simple strategies to assist you daily in finding calm
  • How to meditate and how to find time to meditate
  • Different style of meditation so you can find the right one for you
  • Breathing techniques to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Easy to implement self love and self care practices to find pockets of peace
  • How to truly create a life of peace and calm
  • Mindful practices that will transform your day, week and life
  • So much more!

Are you ready for calm?


Join this incredible transformative 5 week experience.

Supported and guided by Susi with over 20 years meditation experience!

5 Weeks to Calm


Ultimate Meditation and Self Care Experience

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Learn in a supported environment
  • Find Peace and Calm
  • Gain Clarity and Focus
  • Find Greater happiness, joy and contentment in your day to day life
  • Plus bonus ones months free access to The Be Free Community worth £17! 


You will be granted  access to the Be Free Community upon completion of the course. This will support you in building practices, accountability and consistency helping you to maintain your life of calm. 

What others say about 5 Weeks to Calm?


"I absolutely loved the online meditation course. taught me so many new techniques to help me deal with difficulties in my life. Susi is amazing and very inspiring. excellent value for money and would do the course again"


"The online meditation course gave very clear explanations for beginners, flexibility to complete in your own time, good links and signposting and a supportive group environment"


"Participating in the meditation course truly did help me connect with myself and experience more calm. thank you so much, this course has made a difference to me and my life"

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You'll receive an early bird exclusive discount code upon signing up here! I can't wait to share the next 5 Week's to Calm with you. Love Susi x