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I’m Susi a international meditation and mindfulness teacher, podcaster, community creator, coach, best selling author, healer and guide. Creator of Be Free, a global movement supporting Freedom from Anxiety. I’m a lover of all things spirituality, healing and natural living.




At age 15 my spiritual journey began. I had started to experience crippling panic attacks and anxiety, I would hurt myself, drink to excess and was filled with self loathing. My mum took me to yoga classes and I have never looked back. My love of learning and my desire to be free from debilitating anxiety drew me to trying many holistic modalities, studying ancient philosophies such as buddhism and yogic practices.


Despite this keen interest my anxiety and depression continued until my early 30’s where I experienced adrenal fatigue, chronic illness, and ended up bedridden and experiencing breakdown. It was at this point of breakdown I made the decision to dive deep into my healing. I started blogging and sharing this process with others around the world. There is nothing more powerful than people coming together to heal.


I learnt new techniques and practices and post recovery I studied Life coaching, Spiritual  life coaching, Reiki healing to advanced reiki level, Aromatouch Massage, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Meditation  Teaching and Mindfulness Teaching.


I now share these tools with you and support thousands of individuals internationally to learn to meditate and help many others learn transformative life-long practices through my Be Free Coaching Method and within the Be Free Community, a global online community space. 


I believe living a life free from Anxiety and Depression is possible for us all. We can live a life that feels joyful, aligned and that we love.

My support style is one of compassion, realness, ease and humour. Many clients love that I explain things simply in a language and way they can understand and implement in today's modern world.


My passion is to empower individuals to shed what is holding them back from truly loving themselves and their lives. I believe in the power of community and support. My desire is that everyone live a life of freedom.

Time to Be Free

Love Susi xxx

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