Everything you need to Be Free from Anxiety, Stress and Low Mood


Time tackle your anxiety for good! I am so excited to bring this programme to you. This 12 Week programme will truly transform your life. No quick fix sticking plaster solutions, just lasting supportive and life changing habits. 






Are you ready to Be Free from Anxiety?


Join this incredible transformative 12 week experience.

Supported and guided by Susi who has supported and taught thousands in finding Peace, and Relief from Anxiety!

Be Free Group Anxiety Coaching


Ultimate 12 Week Transformative Journey

  • Life changing, tried and tested process with expert guidance and support
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Weekly Live Coaching Sessions Tuesday at 6pm (replays available)
  • 2 Group Reiki Healing Sessions
  • Learn in a supported environment
  • Supportive Private Facebook Group
  • Find Peace and Calm
  • Gain Clarity and Focus
  • Access to this course and any additional rounds I run from one payment. You can redo it at anytime and join any future rounds sessions. So if life crops up you will never miss anything. 
  • Online delivery so accessible to all. 
  • Online portal of support, replays, and additional tools. 
  • Guidance throughout.
  • Find Greater happiness, joy and contentment in your day to day life
  • Money back guarantee. If you show up to every live session and do not feel better than when you started. I will refund your money. 


This option allows you to spread the payments of your group coaching throughout your 12 week period. The payments are monthly for 3 months from the time of purchase. 3 Equal payments of £225. Making it super affordable and convenient. 


What others say about  my coaching?


"I am so glad I signed up for Susi's coaching package earlier this year. Suffering from depression and having lost my confidence Susi helped me get the old me back. I have learned so many new techniques from breathing and meditation to practicing daily mindfulness. My self care, diet and fitness have also improved greatly with Susi's coaching sessions. And my confidence is returning. I would highly recommend Spirit and Soul for anyone who wants to improve their mental wellbeing whether you are suffering from stress, anxiety or depression or if you want to learn new skills to use in your everyday life. I have the New "Old me" back"


"I can't recommend Susi's Coaching packages enough. I was feeling like I'd lost my way and myself. I didn't know what was important to me anymore or what made me happy. With Susi's support I identified what I valued and started to take small steps towards a more fulfilling and balanced life. Coaching worked for me as I knew the answers were there within me, I just needed help finding them. Susi helped me to take the important steps towards being me again and it still feels great! "


"There are no other words to describe what working with Susi has done for my life other than completely transformed it. When I look back on my life 6 months ago, I see somebody who was held down by anxiety, struggled to look after herself properly, and felt suck in one place. Now, I couldn't imagine second guessing myself, and I feel worthy of the time and space I take up. After years of suffering, I now consider my anxiety well under control. All because of Susi. She was constantly available to me, flexible around my schedule and supportive in my journey to overcome my anxiety. She held me accoutable to myself and reminded me of my worth when she knew I needed it. Her advice always came from a place of knowledge and experience and there was never any judgment - only love and support. Working with Susi is an investment in yourself entirely worth making. Truely the best decision I made for myself, and cant imagine life without Susi's support and Reiki magic. I cannot thank her enough, and neither will you when you are done working with her!"

Feeling Anxious? Stressed out? You've had enough?

You’re not alone. A lot of people can feel this way and they don’t know how to fix it. I spent 2 decades struggling with anxiety, depression and illness. Through this period I studied, tried and invested tens of thousands of pounds finding a solution.  I found that solution and you don't need to spend thousands! or years!

Let me support you in overcoming anxiety, stress, and low mood.

The best part is that when you start, you’ll be supported by others who are on the same journey as you. This makes the process easier and more fun. You won’t be alone in your journey to becoming and Being Free, and living a life of calm, peace and joy. 

Join this 12 week online experience to transform you from Anxious to Free!

Learn my exact process that has supported thousands in creating a life free from anxiety.


What To Expect:

  • Expert support and guidance from someone who has been there and knows how you feel
  • A recognised and tested programme 
  • How to hush your inner critic and reduce negative thinking
  • Accountability so you can truly stick to something that will change your life
  • Tried and tested lifestyle hacks that have supported 1000's in creating a life free from anxiety.
  • Simple and truly transformative exercises
  • Support in feeling more empowered, confident, and lead the life you desire.
  • Breathing techniques to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Easy to implement self love and self care practices to find pockets of peace
  • How to truly create a life free from Anxiety
  • Practices that will transform your day, week and life
  • So much more!


Pay in Full



  • Save £35
  • Free E Book of Best Selling Book Be Free

Pay Monthly



  • Split the cost over 3 months
  • Affordable/Convenient

Money Back Guarantee

If you attend every live session and do not feel better than when you started the programme I will refund your investment. You must show up live and have completed the pre and post programme evaluation sheets which I will support you with.