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Uncategorized Feb 10, 2024

It’s been a while, since I have blogged and I am so ready to be back and get my creative writing juices flowing.

Life really is a roller coaster. I'm seeing huge shifts all around with clients, friends and family. All these shifts and changes have required making a decision. What are you postponing making a decision on? Are you struggling to decide on something big in your life? So often we are carried through life and we might miss something through fear of not trying. Fear of change, What if it doesn’t work? What if you really great at something but in your heart you know there is something more? Something you’ve been yearning for?


How do you make decisions? For me this week I have taken some time to reflect, time to be playful and time to be insular. It has been necessary to re-tract and review how am I feeling? What is working for me? Am I completely living my life full out? Maybe it’s the seasons, maybe its reflection after a truly epic year of my book launch, speaking, continuing and qualifying in my studies and coaching. Who knows but I have been yearning for this space for so long. Craving time to stop, and just be with myself.

Its so important to check in with ourselves to check that you are truly living your life on purpose and for your own desires. We make 100’s of decisions every single day. Some minor like what to have for dinner and some major such as where do you want to live, career etc. Each time you make a decision do you truly stop and check in as to whether it best supports you? Are you making decisions based on what truly lights you up, or are you worrying about what others will think? Whether you believe in god, the universe or your own inner knowing you will be getting signs guiding you to make the right choices. These signs don’t make decisions any easier but they will help guide you as to what is right.

Some people say trust your gut, listen to your heart or use your head and all are valid. Making decisions is about all if those and so much more. If we spent more time to pause and check in before making a decision how different would our lives be?

My dinner tonight for example was a pretty shabby choice. Had I asked myself and my body what do you really need, will this decision make me feel better or worse? Would I have made a different choice? Yes I probably would.

I’ve been looking for signs recently of what I should do with some elements of my life. A couple of big decisions and some more minor. I’ve been reflecting weighing up pro’s and cons. It’s been so darn hard processing and working through things. This blog maybe sounds cryptic but I hope it maybe helps you recognise that we always have choices.

I’ve tried to take short cuts, seeking answers from others but that never works. We need to be responsible for our own decisions and actions in order to stand in our authentic truth. I asked the universe to show me the way. To give me a sign and she delivered. Was I happy yes, was I scared abso-bloody-lutely. Change although it can be exciting and fun it throws us into a spin. Fear, worry, anxiety, joy, happiness, relief you can feel it all.


Is there something you need to decide? Are you living you life to the full? Are you honouring what you came on this planet to do? With one hand on you heart, breathe, trust that you know what to do. Ask yourself how will I feel once I make the decsion? Ask yourself what’s important then follow through. It may be filled with initial discomfort but you will never know how incredible life can be unless you give it a go.


I’d love to hear what decisions you are going to make or have made that you’ve known are totally necessary.

Love and Live Your Light

Susi xxx


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