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5 Weeks to Calm

Ready to Find Consisent Calm and Clarity? Looking for an online meditation course to find relaxation, calm and clarity. Do you want to get the benefits of meditation but don’t know where to start? Do you want create greater peace, joy and happiness in your life? ‘5 Weeks to Calm’ was created to do all of that and more. From the comfort of your own home you can learn in a supported space with expert guidance.   5 Weeks to Calm is my signature meditation course suitable for absolutely anyone. Ideal for beginners as a safe and supported place to start and ideal for more experienced meditators to develop their practice. Delivered via our exclusive online course space coupled with live zoom sessions weekly with me, makes it accessible for all.    I know what its like to feel you never have the time to meditate or your asking yourself if your doing it right. I’ve created this course to be as accessible as possible. I want you to finish this course feeling confident, inspired with a consistent practice you can bring into your busy day to day life.   Benefits: Reduce Stress and Anxiety Learn in a supported environment Convenient Find Peace and Calm Gain Greater Clarity and Focus Find Greater happiness, joy and contentment in your day to day life Opportunity to join live weekly sessions or watch recordings at a time to suit you And the biggie add some relaxation to your week, month and life!  Course Content What is Meditation and Mindfulness The Benefits of Meditation Posture and Position Breathing Techniques Mindfulness Meditation for Stress Relief, Anxiety and Pain  

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