I’ve been feeling nervous, sad and fearful have you?

Uncategorized Feb 10, 2024

These are turbulent and extremely trying times. Usually I’m the optimist but I’m in this period, I’m experiencing waves of so many emotions. Worry for loved ones, friends, those with compromised immunity, my clients, the sustainability of my business. I’m being totally honest here as I think its important to be true and honest in how you are feeling even if it isn’t positive.

I wanted to write, to speak to share as I know so many of us will be feeling the same way. Putting on a brave face and pulling together. Either that or distancing and pulling apart. The divide saddens me so much. How we are questioning our behaviours, do we hug and kiss our loved ones. Any of my clients will tell you I’m a hugger and it really feels so off to even have to question our natural actions and responses. This separation and lack of connection pulls on my heart. The arguments in super markets the lack of compassion for other humans and the divide is getting greater.


We crave that human connection and without many of us will feel lonely and issolated.

How are you feeling? Every emotion is valid. This time last week I was in such a different head space. I was confused as to why so many people were worried and fearful. May I even confess I was possibly a little judgy of the actions of others thinking they were possibly overreacting due to the media. Yet now I flit between feeling that fear that myself. Today I cried. I cried at postponing Be Free LIVE, I cried at the financial implications of the virus, flights, trips overseas and other monies that I will lose and may lose. I cried at some personal things I had coming up being put on hold. As you probably know I am not hugely motivated by money. My desire is to serve and support as many as I can.

As a small business and with all self-employed people the implications are huge. I recognise that there are possibly other options to try support ourselves equally this takes time to figure out an deliver. And you need to be in the mindset to get there. Just as well the next Spirit and Soul Book Club book is Mindset by Carole Dwek! I recognise money isn’t everything and health is. As a family we have learnt that so many times. But it doesn’t detract from the fact that I will probably have little or no wages this month.

Pre this happening I was already transitioning into a more online format (online meditation membership and beginners online training), yet now it feels almost forced. I am trying not to buy into the fear and scarcity. I know I will move through it, I am just finding the path towards love. I am turning my mindset around recognising the impact on others. I look at my vision board and see the words “You have more time than you think”. A gentle reminder that we don’t need to have everything figured out now. We need to allow the compassion for ourselves to be with us as we move through these changing times.

The cycle of overcoming fear and emotion is such an interesting one. I am writing this blog to clear my head but also to process and fire myself up again. I know I need to experience this space in order to RISE. I know I am not showing up as the best version of myself in this space, I know I cannot support as best as I would like from this space. The emotional cycle of change follows the following stages (see graph below) and makes so much sense.

I have seen this in relationships, my response to new things, my response to something scary. Where are you currently on this cycle? I’d say I’m between 3 and 4 working my way back up. I’m a problem solver at heart and will figure it out. We all will pass through various phases during change and each one is essential to processing it.


Here’s what I’m asking myself to rise again.


How can I serve and support more people?


What do people need at this time?


Who can I help?


What can I do to help?


How can I deepen my spiritual practice to support hope, faith and love?


How can I best support my own physical, mental and emotional health?


What can I do to boost my immunity?


I’ve popped a link to a free video teaching a breathing technique to support you in feeling more peaceful and calm.

I’ll do a live meditation for protection and love in the coming days.

I will continue to share as much support as I can and please feel free to reach out to me. See you on the upside my loves.


Love and Live Your Light

Susi xxx


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