My 5 Favourite Ways to Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2024

With so much stress, fear and worry our immune system is taking a battering when we need it to be working at its best. What I discovered from living through a period of chronic stress, illness and adrenal fatigue is that our immune system can be supported in so many ways naturally.    With the rise in corona virus cases being at the forefront of the minds of many it is easy to slide into staying inside, comfort eating, lack of sleep, stress and worry. During these times its easy to feel overwhelmed and quite frankly helpless. Taking action and empowering ourselves is a fabulous way to shift out of this sense of helplessness into hopefulness.  Below I've included my 5 favourite go to immunity support solutions. I hope that they allow you and opportunity to reduce stress and worry and build strength form the inside out.


Immune Booster #1 Meditation & Stress Relief You may have guessed this would be my first go to. Meditation has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety and of course boost immunity. Cortisol triggered by stress and anxiety puts so much pressure on your already struggling system. Stress reduces your capacity of your immune system. Don't know where to start feel free to drop me a message. You can also find a huge range of mediations on YouTube or my favourite app I use daily is Insight Timer. You can also find one of my free meditations below in the good nights sleep section of this email.


Immune Booster #2 Vitamin D This was something I discovered in the past few years and has made a huge difference to both my husband and myself. According to the National Institute of Health a deficiency in Vitamin D increases susceptibility of catching infections and lowers our immune response. In the UK during the darker months gaining enough vitamin D is extremely unlikely. The NHS suggests that you supplement during these times as a preventative measure to boost immunity towards corona virus. You can see this NHS page for further details. My husband and I buy this vitamin D supplement from Amazon.


Immune Booster #3 Fresh Air Spending so much time indoors, breathing in stuffy air and central heating, wearing masks is certainly not good for our respiratory health or our mental health. I encourage you to get outside. Breath deeply and get into nature. Spending time in nature has been shown to boost mood, reduce stress, improves sleep, increases energy, maintain health weight and yes you guessed it. Boosts immunity. Walking is ideal.


Immune Booster #4 Good Nights Sleep Long ago I was queen of burning the candle at both ends. Stressed and trying to pack life in resulted in me getting way less sleep that is necessary and also way less quality sleep. Sleep is a huge part of my self care ensuring I get good quality sleep helps ensure better mood, supports mental health, reduces anxiety, boosts immunity and helps balance hormones. Struggling to get enough? Heres some ideas to support a good nights sleep. Remove technology from your bedroom, go old school and buy an alarm clock, make sure your room is cool and not too stuffy, wind down with a bath or herbal tea, avoid caffeine full stop if you struggle to get a good nights sleep. Lastly one of my clients faves is listening to this guided body scan. Try this meditation for free clicking here.


Immune Booster #5 Tummy Love And lastly lets nourish ourselves form the inside out. Gut health is big news and looking after our gut health pays a major role in our immunity. Look to add a pro and prebiotic. We use Doterra PB Assist you can access this here. But ensuring you eat right is key. Try to reduce sugars, add lots of vegetables to soups, stews and smoothies. Add gut supportive natural yoghurt, kefir milk, tofu, kambuscha. Or visit your local health food shop for some tummy supportive ideas. Dr Josh Axe states that not getting enough probiotic support can increases chances of digestive issues, coughs, colds and autoimmune disease. So go grab that cherry kefir milk.


I hope you have found these suggestions a support to you.  Sending you so much love from my home to yours. WIth Love and Support Susi xxxx


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