My Favourite Crystals for Meditation and How to Use Them

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My Favourite Crystals for Meditation

Susi what crystals would you suggest for meditation and how would you use them? This is a question that often comes up towards the end of my 5 weeks to Calm course, and from people within my membership space so I thought I would pop it all together in this blog for you.

Adding additional things to our meditation practice such as crystals and essential oils (next blog soon!) can add a great support, depth and new dimension to your meditation session. I’ve made some suggestions of crystals you could use for certain supports however I would caveat that with there is nothing more powerful when selecting a crystal than using your intuition.

Although I have done a small crystals course, my journey to using crystals has been incredible. I have nearly always gone with my gut during selection and then found out the meaning of that crystal after. I would say 99% of the time I’m like wow, that makes so much sense. The same with essential oils actually too. Stick to crystals Susi, stick to crystal ha ha. I adore crystals, I have them around me, In my home, my office, the corners of the Sanctuary, I gift them to coaching clients within their exclusive essential oil blend, I even have them in my fish tank!

What are crystals?

Crystals are minerals that are formed under ground. Sometimes called gem stones too. Each one carries its own unique properties, frequency and energy. You can also however programme your crystals with your own energy and intention which makes them perfect for meditation and support.

Crystals can offer use so much. Because humans are energetic beings and crystals are energetic we can use these to bring balance to our system and support us in reaching desired states such as calmness, joy, health, protection, reducing anxiety, supporting sleep, peaceful and so much more.

What Crystals would You Suggest to Start?

So I get asked this all the time. For me a beautiful chakra balancing set is a great place to start as this will really support you in creating balance within your body. If you just wanted to buy one crystal you can simply use what you are guided towards. I’ve popped my fave chakra balancing crystals below with a brief description of their appropriate properties. This range of crystals should have you covered for most things anxiety, stress, joy, abundance, love etc

Chakra Crystals

Crown: Clear Quartz: (Clear mind of negativity, enhance spiritual connection, magnifies other properties of crystals)

Third Eye: Amethyst (Intuition, Clarity and Insight)

Throat: Blue Lace Agate (Communication of thoughts and feelings, soothing and nurturing)

Heart: Green Aventurine (Good Humour, Optimism, Emotional Healing and Hope) or

Rose Quartz (Universal Love, Unconditional Love, Friendship, Deep Inner Healing)

Solar Plexus: Citrine (Joy, Positivity and Abundance)

Sacral: Tigers Eye (Protection, Clarity and Good Luck. A Talisman for Protection)

Root: Smoky Quartz (Relieves Stress, Anxiety, Disperses Fear and Negativity)

How Do I Use the Crystals Susi?

Again work intuitively with your crystal. I’ve popped some ideas below, but trust yourself and go with what feels right for you.

  • Place On my Alter: Have your crystal near where you meditate so that you can pick up on its energy and supportive vibration.

  • Hold in Your Hand: I love this method. I am currently doing this with a nice piece of Caribbean calcite. It feels so nice to have something tangible to hold. I hold between my fingers or palm of hand.

  • Single Focus Meditation Using a Crystal as the Focus: Simply spend some time breathing, using your crystal as a focus for your gaze. Allow yourself to connect with it. Similar to a candle meditation as you would watch the flame.

  • Place on part of your body you feel needs healing: Place the crystal on a particular chakra point or where you feel guided.

  • Place on Your Third Eye for Deep Intuitive Wisdom: Place your crystal depending on the size and shape on your brows as you meditate. This is best down lying down maybe with a nice guided meditation .

Taking Care of Your Crystals

Due to crystals being vibrational and energetic, many may collect energy. For example your angry, anxious, worried so you are using your crystal for support, or your crystal is in a room where there has been arguing they may collect the vibration around them. In order for them to remain beautiful and supportive, cleansing the energy, then setting the intention for the crystal will help.

You can cleanse your crystals in a number of ways but heres some of my go to options:

  • Place your crystals under the moonlight on full moon. This is great as you will then be reminded monthly to cleansed them.

  • Hold your crystal above the smoke of sage or incense and ask that it be cleansed.

  • Hold your crystal under running water. Do check this option is suitable for your crystal as some crystals cannot be placed in water.

Go grab those crystals and add that additional support. I hope that this intro to crystals and meditation supports and inspires you. Any questions please do reach out.

With so much love and high vibes sparkles

Susi xx


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