Time to Listen Up, Do You Believe in Synchronicity

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2024

Time to Listen Up, Do you believe in synchronicity?

 This week I am being constantly reminded of things. From the people I’ve been speaking to, the angel cards that I’m drawing for myself and others, the books I’m reading and even the video clips I’m watching. 
These signs we can often ignore thinking that we’re being stupid or they are non consequential. When actually they are very often signs from our intuition, higher power, the universe. Guiding us to the steps we need to take, or letting us know we are on the right path. 
Is there more to these meaningful coincidences?
Here’s an example I decided a few weeks ago I would start couch to 5k. I didn't! I then see a friends image on facebook having started it. Ahhh I think. I was going to start that. Again I forget and don’t start. I then do a card reading for a client and she tells me she’s been doing couch to 5k. I say oh my goodness I’ve been meaning to start that. I make a promise to her I will. Again I forget. Two days letter I receive an email from the lovely Jen who helps with business support, yes shes started couch to 5k and loving it. Ok I hear you I’m listening universe. I’m on it! I started on Tuesday and am away to head out for another run today.

The thing is I love running, I feel healthier, clearer headed and free. I enjoy the challenge and the peace. So why had I not been doing it.

I have been meaning to connect with you all via a blog for so long. There are so many ideas I want to share with you to support you. Yet each week passes and I still haven't done it. Other things have taken precedent, then I feel guilty as I so wanted to reach out to you all and connect. I make a vow I will write on Monday. It’s now Thursday………. However yesterday I was doing an interview for my membership site with the most incredible image consultant and confidence coach. She started speaking about blogging and her podcast (podcast another nod there for another time). We find out we’ve both published books and that we love to write and share. I share with her how much I love blogging but for whatever reason it hasn't been happening. We discuss how often these things don’t take as much time as we think. I know this as I’ve been writing some guest blogs for others. I leave it there. Why haven’t I started when I know I love it?

 I have joined a morning club. We meet at 5.30 am (stay with me this is related). Each morning we learn something. This morning our video we learnt from was Bob Proctor speaking about image and confidence. I laugh again at the synchronicity of this happening having just interviewed someone on the very same subject yesterday. I’m listening up loud and clear.
As soon as I’m finished I start this blog. 

There have been so many others come up this week. I’m teaching a breathing technique last week to my 5 weeks to calm group called square breath, I then read an article about a US navy seal who uses this type of breathing to stay clear and calm, I share my youtube video of me teaching it on facebook  , I then hear on my audio book which has nothing to do with breathing the author speak about box breathing/square breathing and how it supports everyone, firefighters, yoga teachers, mums and anyone with anxiety etc. Time to embrace the square breath me thinks! 

I see recurring numbers, songs all of which have meaning to me. 

The list continues……  

But what I’m asking you is, is there something you are holding yourself back from? Maybe even something you love? What is more important than connecting with and doing things you love? Are you hearing something over and over, having the same recurring thought? If it’s positive and loving then maybe it's time to take action on it! Take a moment to check in and see if there is something, or as you go through the rest of your week move with awareness. Stop and take note when you hear, see, think of the same thing. It could be the exact guidance you are looking for. 

Or is there something you are procrastinating that is sitting in the back of your mind and you keep getting signs to take action?

Here is a great clip from Mel Robbins explaining how to take action. I used this technique this morning to help get me out of bed at 5.15am. My internal dialogue was less than supportive, telling myself it was struggle to get up so early blah blah blah. I switched the script to telling myself it was easy. Still not fully working but felt slightly better. Then used Mels count down technique. It helped shift me into action. Even though I wasn't feeling it.


Sometimes the only way to create momentum is to take action. 

Our subconscious mirroring our eternal life or the universe guiding us. Either way it's fascinating and I find it supportive. 
What are you being guided to take action on just now? Or what signs are you currently being shown that you are on the right path? Use these opportunities to connect and reflect.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you believe in synchronicity? 

Love Susi xxx

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