Coaching is for anyone! Whether you are male, female, a stay at home mum or a high level business exec. We all need a coach at some point in our lives, coaching is a tool to help guide you to where you want to be. 


If you answer yes to any of these questions then coaching may support you.

  • Are you feeling lost and not sure what direction your heading?

  • Are you sick and tired of anxiety, stress or low mood affecting your life?

  • Are you ready to make changes to support living the life you desire?

  • Do you feel there’s never enough time to put your needs first?

  • Do you wander what your life purpose is?

  • Would you like more fun in your life?

  • Would you like to feel more confident and assertive?

  • Would you like support and guidance in getting there?

  • Do you feel your stuck and don’t know where to start?

Let's chat!

Hi I’m Susi, a life coach, a member of the association for coaching, and founder of the Be Free coaching method. Are you wondering if coaching could help you? Coaching offers support, guidance, and accountability when times feel tough, unclear, and overwhelming.

 A coach can help you reach where you want to be, help you find the path and solutions that fit your goals and desired outcomes.

 My coaching approach offers a holistic view taking into account all aspects of your life.



I do this because this is where you will see lifelong lasting changes. You will then be creating the life you desire not just an improvement in one area of your life.



BE FREE Coaching Programme

My BE FREE Coaching package is created to support and super charge your mind, body and soul.

My coaching programmes comprise mindset, lifestyle and energy work in a structured format with complete accountability, allowing you to not only see the benefits in your life but feel them. 

Would you like accountability to reach your goals, whatever those goals are to you? Then, let's chat! I've got you.




What's Included?

In today's modern and chaotic world we are all exposed to many stress's, worries and fears.

Always trying to be the best we can, often draining us, and leaving us feeling we can never do or be enough.

Having suffered from anxiety, low mood, panic attacks, adrenal fatigue and complete burnout I know how you feel. I have created this package to introduce you to the tools I used to support myself. You will be fully supported throughout.


  • 1 1/2 hour Initial Consultation to ensure we can personalise your plan/programme to suit
  • 6 x 1 hour Private Coaching Sessions delivered via zoom.
  • 6 x Distance Vibrational Reiki Healing Session
  • 1 Signed Copy of my Best Selling, Award Winning Anxiety Busting Book “Be Free: A Holistic Guide to Freedom from Anxiety, Stress and Low Mood for Life”
  • 1 x Be Free High Vibe Rollerball Essential Oil Blend
  • Weekly Accountability Emails and Support Check In’s. Including additional support exercises, tools and techniques to create lasting impact.
  • Email, WhatsApp, Text, Support Throughout. Contact anytime to discuss progress and gain support. 

Are you ready to take your life back? 

Book a suitable date for your initial consultation and we can schedule dates to suit for your other appointments from there.

Prices can be found here


"I can't recommend Susi's Coaching packages enough. I was feeling like I'd lost my way and myself. I didn't know what was important to me anymore or what made me happy. With Susi's support, I identified what I valued and started to take small steps towards a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Coaching worked for me as I knew the answers were there within me, I just needed help finding them. Susi helped me to take the important steps towards being me again and it still feels great!"

"3 Months on and with Susi’s amazing support  I have now achieved a complete career change, my anxiety has vanished, I am off the antidepressants , I can run 5K and my outlook on life is so different.  All these changes took hard work but Susi makes you see how all of this is already in you, she just helps you to find it.  Thank you Susi xxxx”


"I am so glad I signed up for spirit and soul's coaching package earlier this year. Suffering from depression and having lost my confidence Susi helped me get the old me back. I have learned so many techniques from breathing and meditation to practicing daily mindfulness. My self-care, diet and fitness have also improved greatly with Susi's coaching sessions and my confidence is returning. I would highly recommend spirit and soul for anyone who wants to improve their mental wellbeing whether you are suffering from stress, anxiety, or depression or if you want to learn new skills to use in your everyday life . I have the old me back!"