Hi I’m Susi I’m an advanced Reiki healer. Having studied my 1st, 2nd and 3rd Reiki degrees. I’m a member of the Reiki federation (https://www.reikifed.co.uk/reiki-healing/reiki-for-you/ ) which assists you in the knowledge that I am professionally qualified, have to demonstrate consistent learnings and work to appropriate standards.


I discovered Reiki healing when I was at my lowest point with anxiety and depression. A friend suggested I try it. From there my life began to change and improve. I felt calmer, more confident and more able to cope with life. It really did turn my life around for the better. I absolutely fell in love with this gentle loving method of healing and now it’s a way of life for me which I love to share and support others with.

What is a Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique for stress reduction that triggers the body’s natural healing responses. It works to bring your body back into balance mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This gentle non invasive healing technique is given to the client fully clothed as they lay on a massage couch or seated in a chair.

 Most people find the treatment relaxing. I do a 15 min. consultation with you prior to treatment then we spend around 45 mins on the healing.

 As a Reiki Practitioner, I work to assist you in removing any blockages or stagnant energy in the body. Working through your Chakras (energy centres), leaving you in a more balanced position allowing the body to heal itself as nature intended. Treatments can be given in my beautiful, sacred reiki space or alternatively from a distance whereby we can arrange a mutual time for you to receive the treatment in the comfort of your own home.  I have worked with clients worldwide this way.  

What can it help with?

Reiki has been shown to reduce pain, improve sleep, induce states of calmness and wellbeing, reduce migraines and headaches, decrease symptoms and side effects associated with medication, promotes relaxation bringing balance to mind and emotions, reduce anxiety and depression, boost mood and energy levels. It’s suitable for all ages and even pets.

Distance Reiki Session (approx. half hour) - £25

Couch Session (approx. 1 hour) - £40

Aroma Reiki - (approx 1hr 15mins include AromaTouch Treatment)£60

Childrens Session (approx half hour) - £20


If you have any questions about any of my services or would like to book a session with me feel free to use the contact form or get in touch at spiritandsoul@live.co.uk



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