Scorpio New Moon ritual, Super charge your intention setting

This scorpio new moon is flicking up things to heal you may have thought are already past. View this as the final ending to give thanks for the lessons and to release them, ready to manifest your heart's desires. It’s a powerful and potent time

What you will need:

White Candle (symbolises new beginnings)
Journal and Pen
Essential Oil if you have (choose whatever you are intuitively guided to)
An item from nature that you can then return such as a leaf, shell, stone, seaglass, acorn etc.

Find yourself somewhere comfortable where you won't be disturbed. Firstly light your candle and take some deep breaths. Ground yourself into the moment.

Pop your journal beside you and take a moment to do the following practice:

Visualise the moon, breathing in moon light, noticing how the body feels, what emotions are there today and knowing all is exactly as it should be.

What needs to die or be shed in order to plant new seeds? What area do you need to create intentions around? Where would you like to experience growth? Just seeing what is arising within you.

Breathe eyes closed and see what arises from the above.

Grab your journal and write down what you wish to release and shed

After doing this we are now going to build your vibrations and energy to the energy and vibration of what you wish to attract. Let's have a Gratitude rampage, how many things can you write that you are grateful for?

Intentions and New Moon

Write your intentions for this lunar cycle or beyond. Think of certain areas: growth, passions, challenges. Financial goals, or others, get specific on your desires. The Universe loves clarity.

I now want you to pick one intention that you wish to focus on. Let's set a beautiful power filled energy behind that intention.

Grab your essential oil and pop a drop on your solar plexus (upper tummy area). This will supercharge your centre of personal power. This will help anchor your intention/manifestation. The solar plexus is also connected to scorpio in the zodiac so powerful indeed.

Take your nature item, I want you to hold this item. We used sea items, shells etc in our new moon circle but it really can be anything. Be mindful as you will return it to nature after. Hold your item and as you do close your eyes and truly visualise your intention coming true.


See it in your mind, feel it in your body as if it's actually happening. What could you smell, who would you be with, feel it all. Get excited as if it's actually coming true (because it is!). Put all the energy of this visualisation and transfer it to your nature item.


Take one big deep breath, smile, give thanks and gratitude as if you have you have received it.

Open your eyes, you can blow out your candle

Then return your item back to nature so that mother nature, the universe can allow your energy and intentions to come to you.


Keep me posted, love Susi xxx




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