I've been feeling nervous, sad and fearful, have you?

These are turbulent and extremely trying times. Usually I’m the optimist but I’m in this period, I’m experiencing waves of so many emotions. Worry for loved ones, friends, those with compromised immunity, my clients, the sustainability of my business. I’m being totally honest here as I think its important to be true and honest in how you are feeling even if it isn’t positive.

I wanted to write, to speak to share as I know so many of us will be feeling the same way. Putting on a brave face and pulling together. Either that or distancing and pulling apart. The divide saddens me so much. How we are questioning our behaviours, do we hug and kiss our loved ones. Any of my clients will tell you I’m a hugger and it really feels so off to even have to question our natural actions and responses. This separation and lack of connection pulls on my heart. The arguments in super markets the lack of compassion for other humans and the divide is getting greater....

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I Have a Confession to Make, I Lost My Way

The start of the year I spend a full day sometimes more reflecting, looking back on the year previous. I pay attention to what I have learned, what felt good, what didn’t feel good. I make vision boards, I journal I get clear on what I wish to achieve, long term, short term and daily.

2020 was different. I did all of the above but I was on a different journey than my usual large scale goals. This year I felt called to, feel more. My goal wasn’t so tangible. It wasn’t getting a new car, writing a book or doing certain things within my business. It was about really truly believing in faith. It was about connecting more with my intuition. It was about fully putting my life in the hands of trust and divine guidance.

I decided this was the year of fully committing to my spiritual practice and allowing life to unfold. I had, had a few years of really working my socks off in my business, building our new home, building our wellbeing centre, shifting my daughters school,...

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