Emotions, Sensitivity and Suffering

I had a revelation today. I am currently working through Julia Cameron’s, The Artists Way, morning pages and it's bloody challenging writing everyday in this way. But every day once you get the petulant, child out of the way i.e this is hard, there’s so many others things i could be doing, why did I decide to do this, I could just stop etc etc , there is always a nugget of something appears, a poem, an inspired thought, an alignment to who you truly are.


I am a hugely sensitive and emotional person and during this period of ill health I have really felt a little lost, overwhelmed by my symptoms, emotions and pain. But what I have come to realise and always do when healing is that it is all necessary.


There have been many times where all I have wanted to do is sit under the trees, reiki the earth, or just be close to nature. This is when I feel most myself. Truly me. There is also the business me, the money maker, the marketer, the supporter, the always...

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