Time to listen up - do you believe in synchronicity?

This week I am being constantly reminded of things. From the people I’ve been speaking to, the angel cards that I’m drawing for myself and others, the books I’m reading and even the video clips I’m watching.

These signs we can often ignore thinking that we’re being stupid or they are non consequential. When actually they are very often signs from our intuition, higher power, the universe. Guiding us to the steps we need to take, or letting us know we are on the right path.


Is there more to these meaningful coincidences?


Here’s an example I decided a few weeks ago I would start couch to 5k. I didn't! I then see a friends image on facebook having started it. Ahhh I think. I was going to start that. Again I forget and don’t start. I then do a card reading for a client and she tells me she’s been doing couch to 5k. I say oh my goodness I’ve been meaning to start that. I make a promise to her I will. Again I forget. Two...

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