Cycle Tracking and Cyclical Living

Cycle Tracking and Working with Your Menstrual Cycle


This blog and podcast have been a long time coming. I have mentioned it so many times and I know you have all been keen to hear then I forget. But I always come back to wanting to share this process with you as it is something I have found completely invaluable. 


This process has given me such a deep understanding of myself, built more compassion for self and self love. It has enabled me to speak confidently to my doctor about my perimenopausal symptoms. To enable me to understand my mood and emotions and how these relate to my cycle and also to plan my work and life better so I am showing up best for myself and others. 


I do have to say this is not an overnight process and does take time to build a picture. You will find it so fascinating and powerful once you connect and tune in. 


Brief intro to your menstrual cycle. I will add that should you not have a menstrual cycle you can use the...

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Pain is Secret Messages of Learning

How often do we feel pain and really want to dive right into what is causing it? So often we are told or feel we need to dust ourself off, paint a smile on and move forward. What I have learnt through years of anxiety, stress, overwhelm and ill health is that this is seldom a solution. You will never outrun pain, grief or ill health. You need to turn and face that monster head on. When you do you will see love, tears and messages.

Yesterday I posted an emotional video on social media. I didn’t do this for sympathy as I was not sad or seeking solution. I was demonstrating that we all feel emotions. Emotions are our road maps. Anxiety, ill health, overwhelm are all road maps and keys to where we are out of alignment or have something to learn. It is so necessary to feel the pain. To listen to what our heart, mind and body are trying to tell us.

I’m not saying we spend our days wallowing in pain, but what we do is we look at our pain and discomfort with curiosity and...

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Expect Miracles

Oh the conflict of the human nature to expect miracles yet to have expectations often leads to disappointment. During my periods of severe anxiety and almost OCD behaviour, I would have to control everything. I could not cope if a plan changed or if someone did not behave the way I would have expected someone to behave.

It took me a long time to realise that it was my expectations that usually lead to disappointment. Not communicating my needs and desires effectively. You see, I think, we often believe others should know what we're thinking. This is especially true in relationships. We get upset by our partners behaviour or lack of understanding. But have we really explained what we need?


I openly admit I am a dreamer, I look for the best in people. I expect people to behave with the same moral codes and standards as me. I thought all people would join in my crazy positive approaches, finding solutions and come join me in the path of the dreamer. This has been, the learning...

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Getting Social

When I first started having panic attacks at the age of 15 it would nearly always be on a night out with my friends. When the doctor asked what would trigger me I really wouldn’t know. I didn’t understand why they would take place when I was doing something I loved? Fast forward 23 years and being in public places, Going for dinner, the movies, a concert, airports, train stations sometimes even food shopping would and still sometimes can send me in a spin. Anywhere, where there is lots going on really. But now I have the tools to cope better.

Have you ever felt so nervous and sick that you felt like you might pass out? Experience panic and hyper ventilation. This was my go to feeling, coupled with dizziness, chest pain and inability to focus properly and balance. Sounds pretty crap huh? Well yes it can be but I won’t let it beat me and control my life. I’ve learnt some coping skills along the way and thought I’d share them with you.

Here’s the...

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