Cycle Tracking and Cyclical Living

Cycle Tracking and Working with Your Menstrual Cycle


This blog and podcast have been a long time coming. I have mentioned it so many times and I know you have all been keen to hear then I forget. But I always come back to wanting to share this process with you as it is something I have found completely invaluable. 


This process has given me such a deep understanding of myself, built more compassion for self and self love. It has enabled me to speak confidently to my doctor about my perimenopausal symptoms. To enable me to understand my mood and emotions and how these relate to my cycle and also to plan my work and life better so I am showing up best for myself and others. 


I do have to say this is not an overnight process and does take time to build a picture. You will find it so fascinating and powerful once you connect and tune in. 


Brief intro to your menstrual cycle. I will add that should you not have a menstrual cycle you can use the...

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