Crystals to Support Anxiety and Depression

In this blog I will cover my top 5 Crystals for Anxiety, Depression and Stress relief, how to use them, how to prepare them, and how to care for them so they care for you. Enjoy!

 I’m a bit of a magpie it has to be said and I love crystals. Gorgeous sparkly crystals and catch my eye and my heart every time.

I remember as a child having a small velvet pouch with crystals in it, I’d saved up for one of those magazines where you got something free each week. I remember reading and learning and being so excited by these gorgeous crystals that I was receiving. As I went through life I gathered more crystals, crystal jewellery, crystal Angels and other little shaped crystal items.

 I didn't know an awful lot about them just that I was attracted to them and that's the gift to remember. That often we worry that we don't know enough but actually where crystals are concerned working intuitively with what you are guided to, can be a really powerful way to use them.


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