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There’s so much learnings available to us, from nature, ourselves, our work and the people we meet. Let’s look at Autumn and release what is no longer serving us. Give gratitude and thanks to all we’ve learned, done and created through Spring and Summer. Proud of you all. Love and Live Your Light Susi xxx

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Full Moon Ritual


Hello Beautiful Souls,

Here you will find a mini ritual to harness this beautiful full moon energy. Full moons can cause our emotions to rise. It's time to view this as a benefit and not a curse. The full moon is here to illuminate what needs addressed so that we can move forward feeling lighter, creating space for the good to flow to us.

We need to create space for this to occur. You cannot fill an already full to brimming life, its time to release and let go.

This full moon ritual is journaling based, you may also wish to have access to a pot, glass bowl of flame resistant pot.

You will need:

Journal and Pen


Smudging tool (incense, sage, palo Santo, sweetgrass etc)

A fire pit, pot or flame proof dish

The Ritual

Begin by cleansing your space with your chosen smudging tool, cleanse your body too, wafting the smoke through your aura, cleansing and clearing.

Light your candle with the intention that you shine light on any areas that need support, addressed or future action may be...

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Full Moon Ritual

Every full moon will carry different energies but also many similarities too. Each individual will be affected by the moons energies differently. For me this full moon as I type this on Friday 27th October 2023 feels almost celebratory. Definitely reflective but in a different way than usual so lets create a ritual that truly supports and embraces this energy.

I wish you to see this moon as putting you in the spotlight. Imagine standing with the moon light on you. Shining a light on your magnificence. Celebrating yourself can sometimes feel uncomfortable. I know certainly for me it has always been something I struggle with.

Through this ritual we will embrace celebration, shining a light on our successes and creating a sacred pause in our lives.

This moon known as the Hunters moon occurs on Saturday 28th, we are also experiencing a partial lunar eclipse and halloween is around the corner. So the intensity is high, but the opportunity is also high. So just know your rituals will be...

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My New Years Prayer to You

pray that you experience moments of bliss, joy and happiness

May your body feel vibrant and healthy.

May you feel present in your days and life.

May you, despite life’s challenges find the courage, strength, and acceptance to move through these with ease.

I pray your heart cracks open and you experience love like never before.

I pray your cupboard and larder are full of nutritious food.

May you live your life authentically.

May you have moments each day of peace.

May you leave the struggles of the past in 2022.

May your hopes and dreams come to light.

This is my prayer for you in 2023 and so is it.

With Love Susi xx

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Control, Structure, Routines and Anxiety

It is human psychology that we need routine and structure to feel safe. But when we are anxious sometimes this can lead to controlling behaviours, OCD tendencies and upset and frustration that we cannot stop our world or control our world from changing and evolving.

You may have seen or heard online various things about what you can and can’t control Stephen Covey shares 3 circles, the circle of control the inner circle, circle of influence things you can influence but may not have direct control over, then the circle of concern (sometimes known as the circle of no control.

When dealing with anxiety structure can be so valuable. Building in repetitive routines, actions and a lifestyle that supports you. Creating your non negotiables for health. This could be things such as morning meditation, not drinking alcohol, getting to bed by a certain time, going to a weekly yoga class. This sense of structure and self-care is nourishing and supportive.

When my anxiety was at its peak I...

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My favourite crystals for meditation

Susi what crystals would you suggest for meditation and how would you use them? This is a question that often comes up towards the end of my 5 weeks to Calm course, and from people within my membership space so I thought I would pop it all together in this blog for you.


Adding additional things to our meditation practice such as crystals and essential oils (next blog soon!) can add a great support, depth and new dimension to your meditation session. I’ve made some suggestions of crystals you could use for certain supports however I would caveat that with there is nothing more powerful when selecting a crystal than using your intuition.


Although I have done a small crystals course, my journey to using crystals has been incredible. I have nearly always gone with my gut during selection and then found out the meaning of that crystal after. I would say 99% of the time I’m like wow, that makes so much sense. The same with essential oils actually too. Stick to...

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My 5 favourite ways to boost your immune system naturally

With so much stress, fear and worry our immune system is taking a battering when we need it to be working at its best. What I discovered from living through a period of chronic stress, illness and adrenal fatigue is that our immune system can be supported in so many ways naturally.

With the rise in corona virus cases being at the forefront of the minds of many it is easy to slide into staying inside, comfort eating, lack of sleep, stress and worry. During these times its easy to feel overwhelmed and quite frankly helpless. Taking action and empowering ourselves is a fabulous way to shift out of this sense of helplessness into hopefulness.
Below I've included my 5 favourite go to immunity support solutions. I hope that they allow you and opportunity to reduce stress and worry and build strength form the inside out.

Immune Booster #1 Meditation & Stress Relief
You may have guessed this would be my first go to. Meditation has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body, lower...

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December Ritual For Bringing Back Joy This Festive Season

Are you ready to create a festive season that feels super yummy and a joy? Christmas can invoke so many emotions from joy, sadness, anxiety, loneliness and peace. With 2020 being a challenging year for many. Why not turn the festive season into something to truly celebrate and enjoy?

I created this wee ritual and reflection a few years ago following on from a really rubbish Christmas. That Christmas was sad, cold and far from festive. And this ritual allowed me to create something magical and a moment to pause and reflect for me. Want to join me in creating something beautiful for you? Grab Your favourite festive essential oil (I have Doterra Holiday Peace), Pop a drop in your palms and take a deep inhale, light a candle and make a yummy hot drink I love a chai latte. Or as I write this I’m having a peppermint hot chocolate.


Lets look at how you want your Christmas and New Year to feel. Get clear on how you want to show up. Set some intentions, kick back and enjoy!


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Dreaming and Soaring: The solution to feeling stuck and overwhelmed

I don’t know about you but as an adult I don’t really spend much time daydreaming. Just staring into the unknown, out the window watching life. As children we witness life so differently. Watching everything with wide eyed interest and curiosity. The simple twinkle of light reflecting on something can invoke such joy. As adults this simplicity is often overlooked as foolish, a waste of time and we often tell children to stop daydreaming and concentrate. Concentrate on what?


In meditation we will often use a single object as a focus of concentration our breath, a candle, or something else physical. This aids as a focus to calm our overactive mind. In mindfulness we bring awareness to all that surrounds us, engaging the senses, often labelling thought, tree, flower, joy, happiness sadness. But what lies between the two?


Giving ourself space to dream can seem frivolous when in our modern day culture it is often deemed a success to be busy. But where does busy...

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Crystals to Support Anxiety and Depression

In this blog I will cover my top 5 Crystals for Anxiety, Depression and Stress relief, how to use them, how to prepare them, and how to care for them so they care for you. Enjoy!

 I’m a bit of a magpie it has to be said and I love crystals. Gorgeous sparkly crystals and catch my eye and my heart every time.

I remember as a child having a small velvet pouch with crystals in it, I’d saved up for one of those magazines where you got something free each week. I remember reading and learning and being so excited by these gorgeous crystals that I was receiving. As I went through life I gathered more crystals, crystal jewellery, crystal Angels and other little shaped crystal items.

 I didn't know an awful lot about them just that I was attracted to them and that's the gift to remember. That often we worry that we don't know enough but actually where crystals are concerned working intuitively with what you are guided to, can be a really powerful way to use them.


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