Self Care Isn't Selfish

It amazes me how as intelligent human beings we continue to push ourselves hard, through stress, worry and ill health to get things done. Fulfill our own needs and please others.

Selfcare for most is viewed as a luxury or as something that I’ll do that when I finish catching up on housework, putting the kids to bed, finish that assignment, get that tender in for work, tomorrow etc etc the list goes on.

Our heads hurt with stress but rather than deal with stress we’ll take a tablet, we’re tired so we’ll have a caffeine laden drink, our skin breaks out so we’ll put make up on to hide it. Your beginning to get the picture. In the western world we’re very much about treating symptoms and quick fixes. We’re always so busy carving out a life, making a living that we fail to see the big picture.

If we do not have our health we have nothing. We can’t get to work, look after the kids, drive and care for loved ones.

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