Decisions, Decisions

It’s been a while, since I have blogged and I am so ready to be back and get my creative writing juices flowing.

Life really is a roller coaster. I'm seeing huge shifts all around with clients, friends and family. All these shifts and changes have required making a decision. What are you postponing making a decision on? Are you struggling to decide on something big in your life? So often we are carried through life and we might miss something through fear of not trying. Fear of change, What if it doesn’t work? What if you really great at something but in your heart you know there is something more? Something you’ve been yearning for?

How do you make decisions? For me this week I have taken some time to reflect, time to be playful and time to be insular. It has been necessary to re-tract and review how am I feeling? What is working for me? Am I completely living my life full out? Maybe it’s the seasons, maybe its reflection after a truly epic year of my book...

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