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There’s so much learnings available to us, from nature, ourselves, our work and the people we meet. Let’s look at Autumn and release what is no longer serving us. Give gratitude and thanks to all we’ve learned, done and created through Spring and Summer. Proud of you all. Love and Live Your Light Susi xxx

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Processing Grief: Personal Blog

Processing Grief: Healing Mantra Deck

I draw my card and it comes up again. “Processing grief: My losses Prove How Deeply I loved”

As I celebrated mothers day and my 42 birthday last week I did feel grief, but not that crippling, all consuming dark cloud of grief. More a pang, and gentle sadness wash over me. I haven’t written like this for a while and as I do tears begin to stream.

As I draw this card again for the umpteenth time. I am urged to reflect and what’s left unprocessed. Yesterday I came to the realisation that my body was probably never likely to conceive naturally, and the odds were against me. To be fair, the odds were always against me, not due to age, but haven been told numerous times that we couldn’t conceive naturally. Then with current pelvic issues it’s really a big lofty miracle and dream to keep carrying.

I guess I hung on to that hope that another miracle would occur. This week I relented and called the doctor after a...

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Listening to your body? Are you fighting the tide?

How often do you listen to your body? Do you keep pushing through when the overwhelm hits? Do you head to work when when your feeling not quite right thinking you will rest later?


Let’s check in if you are fighting the tide or allowing the flow.


I am writing this blog today from my bed. I’ve had the most incredible couple of weeks. My health has began to rise and I have been feeling great.


Yay don’t you love those weeks when everything is in flow?


Today however I woke with a sore throat, sore ear, fatigue and just generally feeling not quite right. My intention as I headed to bed last night was one of waking early, taking the dog to the beach and then starting work with a spring in my step.


We have phrase in Scotland called “ripping the arse out of it” this could also be called doing things to extreme, pushing the limits, or for those of you who over do things burning the candle at both ends.


Safe to say...

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Should I give up?

Do you know when to stop? Or when things get tricky do you give up? There is such a fine line between giving up because it’s too hard and continuing because you feel duty bound. I remember my sister once saying to me how much she admired the fact that if something wasn’t working for me that I would make that decision to stop. However this compliment didn’t come from a place of hey sis, when things get tough you bottle it and give up. But more hey sis you can recognise when whacking your head against the wall aint going to change anything.


So here’s where this blog is coming from. I actually struggle giving up on anything! I’m like a dog with a bone when I get an idea or decide to do something. However over the years I have managed to fine tune this determination and go getting. Because frequently I would be putting my energy into something trying to make it work when quite frankly it really wasn’t meant to be.


I recently started...

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I Have a Confession to Make, I Lost My Way

The start of the year I spend a full day sometimes more reflecting, looking back on the year previous. I pay attention to what I have learned, what felt good, what didn’t feel good. I make vision boards, I journal I get clear on what I wish to achieve, long term, short term and daily.

2020 was different. I did all of the above but I was on a different journey than my usual large scale goals. This year I felt called to, feel more. My goal wasn’t so tangible. It wasn’t getting a new car, writing a book or doing certain things within my business. It was about really truly believing in faith. It was about connecting more with my intuition. It was about fully putting my life in the hands of trust and divine guidance.

I decided this was the year of fully committing to my spiritual practice and allowing life to unfold. I had, had a few years of really working my socks off in my business, building our new home, building our wellbeing centre, shifting my daughters school,...

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