The Magic of Cherry Blossom

The Magic of The Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossom is something I have always found so staggeringly beautiful. I love this time of year as it floats off the trees and lands on the ground creating a beautiful carpet of pink.

As I was driving along the road yesterday I was moved by how looking at the cherry blossom made me feel. It fills me with pure childlike joy and fascination. Children have a wonderful way of exploring and viewing the world which we can all learn from.

It is only through my journey with meditation and mindfulness I rediscovered this wonderous feeling of seeing the world with fresh eyes. Not eyes that are blinkered to adult responsibility and stress and but ones which can laugh and cry with sheer joy at bumble bee’s, butterflies and the dew on the grass.

The childlike nature which allows us to be our true selves, walk barefoot in the grass, run, jump and cuddle.

I have been saying for years that I will put a cherry blossom tree in my garden and still not done it....

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