Full Moon Ritual


Hello Beautiful Souls,

Here you will find a mini ritual to harness this beautiful full moon energy. Full moons can cause our emotions to rise. It's time to view this as a benefit and not a curse. The full moon is here to illuminate what needs addressed so that we can move forward feeling lighter, creating space for the good to flow to us.

We need to create space for this to occur. You cannot fill an already full to brimming life, its time to release and let go.

This full moon ritual is journaling based, you may also wish to have access to a pot, glass bowl of flame resistant pot.

You will need:

Journal and Pen


Smudging tool (incense, sage, palo Santo, sweetgrass etc)

A fire pit, pot or flame proof dish

The Ritual

Begin by cleansing your space with your chosen smudging tool, cleanse your body too, wafting the smoke through your aura, cleansing and clearing.

Light your candle with the intention that you shine light on any areas that need support, addressed or future action may be required.

Close your eyes, place your hands over your heart and tune in.

From this space journal on the following questions:

1:What emotions are showing up for me right now?

2:What are you clinging too, patterns, cycles, things coming up over and over? (what has you intuition been telling you? , have you ignored it)

3:What is fear causing you to hang on to that your scared nothing will take its place?

Full moon is time of illumination not action as emotions often heightened. Time this season to nourish, root down. Build a mindset of safety and strength not reaction and fear.

This moon is allowing us to release so that we can transform into something better, to release beliefs of what's holding us back.

Write the emotions, patterns and fear you are hanging on to on a piece of paper. Take this paper outside and burn in your fireproof dish allow the fire to support, transform and clear. As you place it call upon your ancestors and guides to support you in releasing and moving forward into a more aligned life with ease.

Return to your room, you are now ready to create a new reality and story for yourself. Journal any thoughts you have on this new reality. Then surrender and allow this new reality to form.

You may wish to listen to my dream life mediation on insight timer here to finish and allow you to move into your new reality. Have fun.

Let me know if you try this.

Love Susi xxx





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