What if you Saw you as I See You?

I am currently taking part in a writing challenge, writing everyday in January. This has given me so much. My creativity is back in full flow. What I would say is writing for me offers a chance to tune in and connect to what's important. This week that has been paramount as I began to question my purpose. 

 I was thankfully guided back when I was asked the following question; Why do you want to help people? 

My response was this. It makes me buzz when people have a breakthrough and see themselves differently. It's true it sets my heart on fire. I grabbed my journal and below is what arose.

What if you Saw you as I See You? by Susi McWilliam

What if you Saw you as I See You?

Kind, compassionate yet tired,

All the people you support at the detriment of yourself.

Your tired my love, I want to offer you rest.

But not rest as you know it.

A powerful rest, empowering rest.

An eternal rest and break from who you thought you needed to be.

I want to show you a life you never knew how to find. 

I want to connect you to your soul.

Turn that inner flicker into fire. 

You see, this is where the energy lies.

Not in more sleep or switching off.

But from switching on.

Pulling all the parts you gifted to others back to you. 

The fragments of your soul destroyed by others. 

For challenges to be approached with compassion and love and a promise for returning.

Returning to self, for once you are home to you, the energy will return. 

Let me guide you.


With Love Susi xx



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