How to overcome Exhaustion/Burnout

burnout exhaustion fatigue Nov 23, 2023

I know many are struggling right now with feeling flat, heading for burnout and feeling fatigue and dissatisfaction.

When we feel exhausted the last thing we want to do is take action. We often will numb out at these times, scrolling socials, eating rubbish food because we cant be bothered cooking good food. We will be in fight, flight or freeze. Maybe jumping between all these high stress states.

Burnout has been a pattern that has played out through my life over and over again. Generally I feel I can take on so much until it bites me in the bum. So how do we get ourselves out of this situation and stay out of this situation?

In this blog and the podcast if you wish to listen here or watch here.

How do we end up facing fatigue and burnout? In this blog I’ll explore non medical reasons. You may have a medical condition which you need to consider or make energy management more challenging so please do take what works for you from this and work to your own needs.

That being said, everything I recommend has supported me and can be implemented by most. The 10 things below to me are the main things I see in clients and my own life when experiencing fatigue and burnout.

(I go into these all fully on this youtube video and podcast)

Lack of Boundaries
Lack of Fun
Lack of Self Love and Self Care
Lack of Support
Lack of Rest
Lack of Nutrition
Lack of Connection
Lack of Alone Time
Lack of Free Time/Spaciousness
Lack of Nervous System Regulation
Additional thought that is big for me now, are you listening to your cycles or expecting to feel the same all the time.

Overcoming burnout involves lifestyle changes. It's a huge opportunity to create a life you love and realign your life to one that feels great, lovely, spacious and enjoyable for you.

Can you begin to recognise your symptoms of burnout? Are you more snappy? Do you feel low in mood and energy? Do you feel overwhelmed and emotional? Do you get physical symptoms Migraines, IBS, Skin Flare ups? Tuning in to and listening to the signs our body is giving us is key to recognising change needs to occur.

From the 10 key areas above where are you leaking and lacking? Getting the balance is hugely challenging but when you get it it feels divine. All of these are essential to feeling good, vibrant and joyful.

Remember life is for living, enjoying and thriving not something to simply push through to get to the other side. Making changes can feel challenging and overwhelming but remember this is only because you are stuck in a pattern that isn't supporting you. Patterns and habits are what the brain thrives on. Replicating the past is easier for the brain than creating a new future.

Clarity is key, tuning in to what you would love to feel, what would you like to be doing if you had the time and energy. What is preventing you from doing that? These are great things to think about and maybe even journal about them.

Your life and energy will be unique to you. Each individual will be different. If you are a women add hormones to the mix, your energy and motivation will fluctuate through the year. Then add in seasons either seasons of nature or even seasons in life. Some will be busier than others, others will call for deep rest, some for action. You will not always be in deep rest and you will not always be in action. Moving through these cycles is necessary.

Use nature as your guide and teacher. Nature takes time to rest before it flourishes again. You too are nature.

I really hope this supports you.

Any questions please reach out.

Much Love

Susi xx


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