How to overcome Exhaustion/Burnout

burnout exhaustion fatigue Nov 23, 2023

I know many are struggling right now with feeling flat, heading for burnout and feeling fatigue and dissatisfaction.

When we feel exhausted the last thing we want to do is take action. We often will numb out at these times, scrolling socials, eating rubbish food because we cant be bothered cooking good food. We will be in fight, flight or freeze. Maybe jumping between all these high stress states.

Burnout has been a pattern that has played out through my life over and over again. Generally I feel I can take on so much until it bites me in the bum. So how do we get ourselves out of this situation and stay out of this situation?

In this blog and the podcast if you wish to listen here or watch here.

How do we end up facing fatigue and burnout? In this blog I’ll explore non medical reasons. You may have a medical condition which you need to consider or make energy management more challenging so please do take what works for you from this and work to your own needs.

That being...

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The Art of Rest: 7 ways to reduce burnout

Lying in my bed, 8.40am just gazing out the window. The sky is grey, the trees are blowing gently. There is a stillness and quiet. I have never really been one for lying in bed unless I am ill. I love waking early and making the most from my days.

But what I have discovered over the festive break is a really deep love of rest. I never knew how much I needed this pure quiet time. My brain has had an opportunity to switch off fully, not planning, not running from one thing to the next just simply being present and mindful.

2022 taught me a lot about rest. My body had been overstimulated and I was being guided to deepen my understanding of healing, rest and repair.

What is your relationship with rest? I had shared post on social media about rest and many commented how they had struggled with this very thing. Mainly due to societal conditioning that rest equals laziness.

We are not designed to be on the go 24/7, 365 days a year. We are designed to move with the cycles of nature and...

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