5 Covid Teachings second time round

So got the all clear from COVID yesterday woooo hoo. These imposed times of stopping, slowing down and really your only focus being on healing and nurturing can offer some really great wisdom.

The interesting thing is, I wasn’t seeking any wisdom. I wasn’t trying to figure out the why me? What’s my body telling me deep dive I usually do. I just kicked back into surrender and nurture.

I emailed my homeopath straight away as I know she had done a huge deal of research and supporting people through covid previously. She gave me a deep homeopathic protocol to do for 24 hours. Taking the homeopathic medicine every two hours, nothing but rest and water, lemon and honey and light food.

As my husband had previously been hospitalised with covid 2 years ago, I chose to completely isolate from my family. So I stayed in my bedroom on my own for the whole duration other than to go to the toilet.

I spent mothers day in a room on my own. I had a

facetime from my eldest daughter...

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