How to have the most incredible festive season

December Ritual

Are you ready to design your best year yet? Christmas can invoke so many emotions from joy, sadness, anxiety, loneliness and peace. Why not turn the festive season into something to truly celebrate and enjoy

've created this wee ritual and reflection following on from a really rubbish last Christmas. Last Christmas was sad, cold and far from festive. This year I'm switching it up. Want to join me? Grab Your favourite festive oil. Pop a drop in your palms and take a deep inhale.

Lets look at how you want your Christmas and New Year to feel. Get clear on how you want to show up. Set some intentions, kick back and enjoy!

Find a quiet space. Grab a pen, paper and a warm drink. Here’s some questions to write and reflect on:

How was your November?

What do you need to celebrate, what was successful?

What did you not enjoy about November?

Bring forward the successes and leave the things you didn’t enjoy firmly in the past. That month is gone!

This is the last...

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Grief is not linear

#grief #loss #motherslove Nov 20, 2018

The path to overcoming grief and loss is certainly not linear. You do not overcome the loss of another life but learn to live differently. The shadow, memories, love and history of another never dissipate or leave your heart. They remain there forever. Sometimes hidden, then other they rise deep within revealing themselves. The longing in your heart and the tears that stream and roll down your cheeks. The breath you struggle to take as you reach deep within your soul and feel.

This week and the end of last have been full of overwhelm, angst and trying to figure things out. I’d pushed the idea of it being grief from my mind. I was emotional, out of sorts. Then the universe forced or allowed me to stop and feel into it all.

Today would have been my mums 70th birthday. And this week whilst at my most emotional, she is the one I longed for the most. The one I could talk to, moan to, speak to and feel truly supported and never ever judged. Never had to alter my emotions. Never had...

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Down Dog has the answers

They say your yoga mat and practice is a reflection of your life. Today during my yoga class I found myself getting angry and annoyed at my inflexibility. As my yoga teacher assisted and guided me trying to help me to release “She commented this hip just doesn’t want to surrender”. Throughout my class I felt myself frustrated. Frustrated that I felt my body was failing me, my hamstrings are like bloody metal rods there so tight, my back is regularly seizing and going out of alignment then it clicked. Not my back, but the realisation that my body is not failing me I am failing my body.

The reflection of my own life on my yoga mat is not lost on me. As a seeker of answers, a meditation and mindfulness coach I regularly sit in silence and tune in. I assist others in recognising the metaphysical reasons for ill health. I coach people in making decisions, realising their goals and dreams, setting boundaries. Yet for the past few weeks I was resisting making a decision...

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How to have the best first day back at school

Top tips for a stress free first day back to school

Back to school can provoke so many feelings, excitement, fear, dread, tiredness and can be a worrying time for parent and child alike. I've created this 2 day back to school plan to get you heading towards that first day and beyond with a smile on your face and love in your heart. Let me know how it goes!

2 Days to Go!

-Lay out clothes ensure you’ve e got school bags packed, gym kit, pencil case, tote bags indoor shoes

-get up closer to school wake up time

-have a chat during the day to ask how they are feeling so you can alleviate any fears or worries before the day.

-bedtime at school bedtime, use your diffuser and diffuse lavender oil in bedroom 1 hour before bedtime. Take time to enjoy this time together read, chat make it as stress free as possible.

 1 Day to Go!

-get up around school wake up time

-diffuse wild orange and lemon to get that zingy mood boosting vibes on the go

-prep lunchbox

-ensure both you and your...

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To be or not to be: decision fatigue

This blog has been brewing for around the past 6 months. We all make decisions, hundreds a day. Some mega important and some really minor as what will we have for breakfast. Did you know that we only have a finite resource of decisions each day. So if we’re spending time in the morning deciding what to wear, what to eat, what to listen to, what will we do when we get into work. We’re already reducing our decision-making bucket considerably before we even leave our house.

The past 6 months for me has been full on moving home, building new premises, writing my book, changing my daughters school, changing swimming lessons, reviewing my health and diet. Seriously there had never been so many decisions. And some days I was seriously done!

Where will I put my new premises, who will I get to build it, what type of light switches would I like, what kind of lamp shade, what colour of floor should I choose, what’s for dinner, should I respond to emails first or respond to...

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The Magic of Cherry Blossom

The Magic of The Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossom is something I have always found so staggeringly beautiful. I love this time of year as it floats off the trees and lands on the ground creating a beautiful carpet of pink.

As I was driving along the road yesterday I was moved by how looking at the cherry blossom made me feel. It fills me with pure childlike joy and fascination. Children have a wonderful way of exploring and viewing the world which we can all learn from.

It is only through my journey with meditation and mindfulness I rediscovered this wonderous feeling of seeing the world with fresh eyes. Not eyes that are blinkered to adult responsibility and stress and but ones which can laugh and cry with sheer joy at bumble bee’s, butterflies and the dew on the grass.

The childlike nature which allows us to be our true selves, walk barefoot in the grass, run, jump and cuddle.

I have been saying for years that I will put a cherry blossom tree in my garden and still not done it....

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Ideas are Like Seeds

As I left my financial planner the other day I was thinking about the future and all that I have going on at the moment and it struck me that Ideas are like seeds. We have this momentary thought, idea and it is only when we show it love, plant it, cultivate it, nourish and support it does it form.

We are often left feeling like we are stuck, that nothing is happening fast but un-beknown to us, these seeds are growing roots, deepening, evolving and taking form.

i’m a huge fan of journaling and have a collection of books of ideas, business ideas, goals, life plans, dreams and facts. I firmly believe in the law of attraction and intention setting and it is something that I practice in my daily life. It is something that blows my mind. Some can see it as woo woo or for the scientific and business minded it be that we are positively focussing on a clear goal so ultimately it is more likely to happen. Either way by getting clear on what it is were really looking for and...

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Getting Social

When I first started having panic attacks at the age of 15 it would nearly always be on a night out with my friends. When the doctor asked what would trigger me I really wouldn’t know. I didn’t understand why they would take place when I was doing something I loved? Fast forward 23 years and being in public places, Going for dinner, the movies, a concert, airports, train stations sometimes even food shopping would and still sometimes can send me in a spin. Anywhere, where there is lots going on really. But now I have the tools to cope better.

Have you ever felt so nervous and sick that you felt like you might pass out? Experience panic and hyper ventilation. This was my go to feeling, coupled with dizziness, chest pain and inability to focus properly and balance. Sounds pretty crap huh? Well yes it can be but I won’t let it beat me and control my life. I’ve learnt some coping skills along the way and thought I’d share them with you.

Here’s the...

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Digital Detoxing

I was getting an increasing awareness of feeling disconnected with life, ungrounded and a bit spacey. I’d spent a few days working in various places and very little time outside. I never feel quite right unless I get to connect with nature.


The more time I spend working with clients one on one, the less time I have to respond and connect virtually with clients. I love connecting with clients, friends, relatives all the time. Being with and speaking to people is my love. Whether that be on a personal or professional level.


Technology is fantastic for this, we can however got lost in the process. Side tracked and sucked in, in directions we didn’t intend to. This lead me to a bit of digital overwhelm.

I decided as an experiment to myself to switch off for the day, go offline. A day is nothing some may think but its harder than I thought.


So it began. I posted the day before on my business social media saying that if it was an...

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Reiki, Death and Pain

This post is a more personal post but it something that I wish you all to hear. During my journey as a Reiki practitioner my mum developed cancer. This was such a huge shock for us as a family but one which we all approached with great strength and as much positivity as a family can when cancer hits.

My mums cancer was terminal and it was battle she fought with such grace and courage and because of her I have strength, compassion and love.

 With terminal cancer you feel helpless, and we try as human beings to do all that we can to support and assist those around us. I turned to my Reiki, oils, affirmations and crystals. I frequently sent my mother distance Reiki as she coped with the affects of the chemo therapy and struggled to sleep. I would give her Reiki when she was in her bed unable to get up and during this periods of Reiki, and after she would find rest, relaxation and relief. She was transported to a place where she could feel freedom from the cancer.



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