Full Moon Ritual

Every full moon will carry different energies but also many similarities too. Each individual will be affected by the moons energies differently. For me this full moon as I type this on Friday 27th October 2023 feels almost celebratory. Definitely reflective but in a different way than usual so lets create a ritual that truly supports and embraces this energy.

I wish you to see this moon as putting you in the spotlight. Imagine standing with the moon light on you. Shining a light on your magnificence. Celebrating yourself can sometimes feel uncomfortable. I know certainly for me it has always been something I struggle with.

Through this ritual we will embrace celebration, shining a light on our successes and creating a sacred pause in our lives.

This moon known as the Hunters moon occurs on Saturday 28th, we are also experiencing a partial lunar eclipse and halloween is around the corner. So the intensity is high, but the opportunity is also high. So just know your rituals will be...

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I am Medicine Woman

I am medicine woman, mother, wife, friend, self.

I support and share love.

i shine light on others capacity to heal.

Through nature, energy, spirit, plants, oils and sacred living.

Sacred living, connecting to and honouring life, death and mother earth.

As I support others healing mother nature rejoices.

She gives us thanks.

As we vibrationally move to love the planet can heal and move to love.

As I support others to take self responsibility we allow mother nature to support those who cant.

I am an encourager of love of living a life that feels precious and purposeful, because it truly is a gift.

Today I step into my medicine woman self.

My medicine a gift to the world channeled and shared through me.

My role to support others in finding peace within and peace outwith.

Medicine, the field of health and healing.

Let's rise, Heal, Find health and deep connection.

FOR WE ARE ALL ONE ............................


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3 ways to clear and cleanse your energy

As an empath, HSP and someone who works a lot with energy ensuring I cleanse my energy of my body and home are so deeply important to me.

You only have to step into a room where there has been an argument to feel the energy shift, or spend time with someone who always complains to feel yourself dragged down. Did you know that you will absorb some of that energy.

Energy management and supporting ourselves vibrationally is so important. I have spent the past 15 months really diving deeply into supporting myself vibrationally and prior to that it was something I was hugely fascinated and interested in.

Clearing the energy and starting and ending each day with a blank slate, calling your own energy back to you and clearing anyone else’s that isn’t your own is vitally important to your health.

As vibrational beings we absorb others energy like sponges, be that the people you live with, your environment, TV programmes, socials, your absorbing energy all the time. Often to...

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Medicine Walk; Finding clarity, insight and connection

In our fast paced world it’s really heard to hear our own internal voice and navigation system. This can leave us feeling disconnected, confused, and overwhelmed. With so many options in life these days it can be hard to know which direction to head.

Over the past year so much of my healing has taken place outside in nature. The guidance I have received has always been when I allow myself the opportunity to tune in through meditation, slow down, or walk.

Nature has offered me signs, symbols and guidance as to where I am headed, what I should be doing, my purpose and nods I am on the right path.

One way I like to find insight is through a medicine walk.

Medicine Walks can be found in many different cultures, from the vision quests of native American Indians, Aboriginal Walkabout, to modern day western Ecotherapy and outdoor counselling.

For me a medicine walk can be used for many purposes.

· To explore and get answers to a specific question

· To unblock creative...

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5 Covid Teachings second time round

So got the all clear from COVID yesterday woooo hoo. These imposed times of stopping, slowing down and really your only focus being on healing and nurturing can offer some really great wisdom.

The interesting thing is, I wasn’t seeking any wisdom. I wasn’t trying to figure out the why me? What’s my body telling me deep dive I usually do. I just kicked back into surrender and nurture.

I emailed my homeopath straight away as I know she had done a huge deal of research and supporting people through covid previously. She gave me a deep homeopathic protocol to do for 24 hours. Taking the homeopathic medicine every two hours, nothing but rest and water, lemon and honey and light food.

As my husband had previously been hospitalised with covid 2 years ago, I chose to completely isolate from my family. So I stayed in my bedroom on my own for the whole duration other than to go to the toilet.

I spent mothers day in a room on my own. I had a

facetime from my eldest daughter...

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Easy Nut Butter Fudge

There is nothing I love more than making some super healthy, super tasty snacks to enjoy. This has been a favourite of mine for years. Using store cupboard ingredients your going to love it.

Only 4 ingredients to make this delicious and healthy snack.

This weekend I made it using some Almond Butter. I grab my Almond butter and Coconut Oil from Costco as I use it A LOT! but any will be great.

I share this on instagram and had so many people message me so thought I 'd pop it here for you to enjoy too. You can find the full recipe and directions below.

Super easy and super yummy. It will take minutes to throw together, freeze for two hours then enjoy! Let me know if you try it.

With Love Susi xxx


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Susi's Ultimate Granola

Omg you will never buy granola from the shop again. This recipe is sooo good. You can switch up the ingredients depending what you have at home. You'll be grabbing it by the handful to munch throughout the day never mind breakfast!

You can use any mix of fruit and nuts and seeds. Any nut butter. It's gluten free and soo tasty.

The main thing to be careful of is when cooking keep an eye that it doesn't burn. It will burn very easily so check regularly and stir to prevent the edges of the pan from burning.

I love mine with natural plant based yoghurt and berries, or at the Weekend with some pancakes, yoghurt and blueberries. Or as I said simply by the handful!

Enjoy my loves Susi xxx


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Susi's Super Green Smoothie Recipe

My word for the year was Vibrancy. One way I am embodying this word is through the food I am eating. I love a smoothie. It's a great way to pack in the nutrients, up your fruit and veg and perfect for eating on the go. I created this one last week and thought I would share with you.

Hope you enjoy it!

The mango and banana adds sweetness. The Wheatgrass offers lots of nutrients and antioxidants, spinach is anti inflammatory, avocado healthy fats, and chia seeds are great for bones and blood sugars.

Food can be delicious and medicine.

Enjoy my loves, let me know what you think.

Love Susi xx


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My New Years Prayer to You

pray that you experience moments of bliss, joy and happiness

May your body feel vibrant and healthy.

May you feel present in your days and life.

May you, despite life’s challenges find the courage, strength, and acceptance to move through these with ease.

I pray your heart cracks open and you experience love like never before.

I pray your cupboard and larder are full of nutritious food.

May you live your life authentically.

May you have moments each day of peace.

May you leave the struggles of the past in 2022.

May your hopes and dreams come to light.

This is my prayer for you in 2023 and so is it.

With Love Susi xx

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Control, Structure, Routines and Anxiety

It is human psychology that we need routine and structure to feel safe. But when we are anxious sometimes this can lead to controlling behaviours, OCD tendencies and upset and frustration that we cannot stop our world or control our world from changing and evolving.

You may have seen or heard online various things about what you can and can’t control Stephen Covey shares 3 circles, the circle of control the inner circle, circle of influence things you can influence but may not have direct control over, then the circle of concern (sometimes known as the circle of no control.

When dealing with anxiety structure can be so valuable. Building in repetitive routines, actions and a lifestyle that supports you. Creating your non negotiables for health. This could be things such as morning meditation, not drinking alcohol, getting to bed by a certain time, going to a weekly yoga class. This sense of structure and self-care is nourishing and supportive.

When my anxiety was at its peak I...

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