The Art of Rest: 7 ways to reduce burnout

Lying in my bed, 8.40am just gazing out the window. The sky is grey, the trees are blowing gently. There is a stillness and quiet. I have never really been one for lying in bed unless I am ill. I love waking early and making the most from my days.

But what I have discovered over the festive break is a really deep love of rest. I never knew how much I needed this pure quiet time. My brain has had an opportunity to switch off fully, not planning, not running from one thing to the next just simply being present and mindful.

2022 taught me a lot about rest. My body had been overstimulated and I was being guided to deepen my understanding of healing, rest and repair.

What is your relationship with rest? I had shared post on social media about rest and many commented how they had struggled with this very thing. Mainly due to societal conditioning that rest equals laziness.

We are not designed to be on the go 24/7, 365 days a year. We are designed to move with the cycles of nature and...

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Menstrual Magic Hot Chocolate

Do you crave something sweet and soothing when your approach your time of the month? Today I felt like having something yummy, soothing and comforting without the blood sugar high and low. So I made myself this yummy drink I'm calling Menstrual Magic Hit Chocolate! Filled with magical things to make you feel fab!


Cacao: Filled with magnesium to support nervous system and aid calm.

Maca: Helps body with stress and supports energy

Maple Syrup: Used instead of refined sugar, contains B2 to support nervous system

Chamomile: Calming, good for menstrual support and cramps


So you can see why I call it magic!



1 Desert Spoon Organic Cacao Powder
1 tsp Organic Maca
2 tsp Maple Syrup (depending on taste)
1/2 cup of Camomille Tea
1/2 cup dairy free milk


1 Desert Spoon Organic Cacao Powder
1 tsp Organic Maca
2 tsp Maple Syrup (depending on taste)
1/2 cup of Camomille Tea
1/2 cup dairy free milk


Let me know if you try it.


Much Love

Susi xx


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Blogging how I used to, my daily musings from my kitchen floor

It’s November 23rd I’m sitting on my kitchen floor on my yoga mat, surrounded by washing and cleaning equipment. Its the only space in my home my yoga mat will fit. Our living room is mid repair after a flood that took place in summer, my hallway, bedroom and sunroom full of the living room contents.

I could go out to The Sanctuary but the heating isn’t on. I don’t know why I grabbed my laptop but lets see where we go. This feels like my how my journey started, I blogged over a decade ago and now feels full circle.

Today started ok, I did wake with a little anxiety or weird energy. I did some mediation and decided to have a slower day.

My daughter was struggling to get ready for school, hormones, teen life and deadline to get in the car was not starting well, tears flowed, the energy and emotion literally pouring out of her and around her. As a parent and empath I really find these situations so hard to bare. I tried to help, chatted, hugged her, essential...

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I am more than one thing by Susi McWilliam

She loves the wind in the trees and rain on the windows

She loves studying, learning and growing

She loves food, cooking, creating and sharing

She loves touching the depths of her soul

She loves getting lost in mantra and sound

She loves dancing to music form the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s

She loves flowers, potions, essential oils, flower essences and magic

She loves crystals and nature

She loves healing

She loves exploring natural solutions to health and healing

She loves protecting and supporting mother nature

She loves community, connection

She loves meditation, mindfulness and yoga

She loves poetry

She loves the power of the body and the brain

She loves women supporting one another

She loves all things spiritual and manifestation

She loves candles, cacao and reading

She is more than one thing

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How to clean your diffusers and washing machine naturally in 5 easy steps

Hello my lovely,


So its been a wild stormy day in the North East of Scotland which meant I never to a huge amount of time for my nature fix. But what I did get was the lovely opportunity to connect in with some writing, Christmas movie watching with my daughter, cooking and some natural cleaning.


It got me thinking about how much I loved to share in the past the changes I was making at home to live a cleaner less toxic life. I guess I now do all these things without thinking anymore but thought maybe you might like a little super simple, cleaning tip to help reduce the toxins in your home and support living a healthier life.


I had noticed some black marks on my washing machine door and detergent compartment and also black marks on my diffusers. You really do not want mould and yucky build up spreading into your home. Especially if you are then diffusing it into the air.


You maybe...

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She Gave a Poem by Susi McWilliam

She gave all she could

She gave love to those who felt unloveable

She gave hugs to those who lacked connection

She gave support to those who felt weak

She gave positivity to those who felt low

She held their hands as they navigated fear

She listened to those who felt unheard

She gave hope to those who felt helpless

Then came life

It swept in and chipped at her soul

Challenge after challenge, it eroded her edge

She began to fade

The energy she lovingly gave was gone

The positivity she shared diminished

Fragments of her soul blew away on the wind

She closed her weary eyes, her ancestors and guides appeared

They stroked her, wrapped her in blankets and fed her soup

They rubbed her feet and hugged her

They gently held her hand as she walked

They showed her, her beauty and filled her soul

Piece by piece they put her back together

A different and beautiful masterpiece

Only then did she realise she was enough

She was loved

She is love


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All is Well a poem by Susi McWilliam

All is Well

She sits and stares, her heart heavy waiting for tears.
No reason why, just ready to release
She doesn’t run, she sits
She feels, she allows
She breathes, they arrive, they fall down her cheeks.
She doesn’t question or figure out.
She simply breathes.
All is well, all is happening as it should.

Poem by Susi McWilliam


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Take a Breath My Love Sip your Tea a Poem by Susi McWilliam

Take a Breath my Love, Sip Your Tea by Susi McWiliam

Take a breath my love, sip your tea,
Allow yourself space to process,
Allow yourself space to rest,
Do you know that you are a miracle
An infinite spark
Lets pause and reflect on that a moment
For you are majestic, bright and wonderful
So take a breath my love, smile and sip your tea

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Life is Softening a Poem by Susi McWilliam

Life is softening


What if you wake and move gently into your day

Give up the harsh struggle and pain

You are being offered another way

Life is softening


What if you place your hands over your womb and give thanks to this space of creation. Give thanks to your parents, elders, ancestors and self

Life is softening


What if instead of illness, dis-ease, and uncomfortable sensations. You chose I am healing, I am growing, my health improves daily.

Life is softening


What if instead of fighting, hustling, pushing. You could rest, explore with curiosity, seek support and solutions.

Life is softening.


What if the support you’re seeking is right beneath your feet from Mother Earth herself. What if the beauty you’re seeking is right above you in father sky. What if the thoughts you are desiring can be changed. Ask and you shall receive.

Life is softening


Release, release, trust and have faith

Because life is softening


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No One a Poem by Susi McWilliam

No one has the right to know your business

No one has to like you

No one will know how you feel

No one will understand how your mind works

No one will see the same beauty you see

No one will feel the same pain you feel

No one will laugh the way you laugh

No one will sing the way you sing

No one will live the same life as you

No one will ever love the way you love

Remember no one will ever be you

Someone, you are someone

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